it’s a fuzzy fuzzy world…

life in the heartland… with dogs… and cats…



I’m a Mac Geek, a musician, a rescue transporter, an occasional critter foster parent, and the provider of food and attention to two dogs (Drummer, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, and Thunder, a “short-term” foster English Setter who came for a visit and stayed permanently) and five cats, all rescues, ranging from Errand and Garion (the seniors of the household), through Smudge and Gorby (siblings who came from a rescue friend in St. Paul), to Izzy, the youngest, who was my ex brother-in-law’s cat ’til he moved out of the country and she needed somewhere to land.

I recently moved the whole menagerie to TinyLittleTown, Indiana, where we were joined by my sister, niece and their two Shiba Inus.

Yes, we’re probably crazy. But we like it this way!