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No, the site hasn’t been hijacked…

So, if anyone is still paying attention and is surprised that (a) there’s stuff here again and (b) it’s mostly about Ingress and not about the critters…

No, the site hasn’t been invaded by hackers or aliens or anything, but I’ve always posted my Ingress-related stuff on Google Plus and now Google, in their infinite wisdom, is going to shut that down. 🙁

Thankfully, I found Google+ Exporter and I’ve now imported (complete with comments!!!) the posts from my G+ page. It’s a little messy, and over time I’ll probably go back and move images into galleries and that kind of thing, but at least I won’t lose the history of my Ingress shenanigans and various other snippets of life that got posted to G+.

So if you were looking for dog posts, I’ll start doing that again too, but there will be Ingress mixed in with it from here forward.

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