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If you ever wondered…

… if your vote counts…

Tonight I know for sure that my vote made a difference, at least on a micro scale. My little county in Indiana, with 100% of the precincts reporting, went 49.6% Obama and 49% McCain.

And as I was in the midst of typing this, McCain made a very gracious concession speech and the electoral college projections moved up to 306 votes for Obama.

It’s been a good day.

The politics of Pixy Stix

I scored a major stash of Pixy Stix in the run-up to OVFF and Halloween, then I only had four trick-or-treaters, so I left a big bag of Pixy Stix on the cabinet outside my office yesterday.

Entertainingly, all the blue and purple ones are now gone, leaving just the red and orange.

In this week of “Will Indiana be a blue state or a red state?” I’m amused by the fact that the color of our Pixy Stix-coated tongues in my workplace seems to be voting in favor of blue.

vote… just do it

If you’re a registered US voter and you haven’t voted yet, go.

Do not pass Go, do not collect $200, just go.

Worried about the lines? Take a book, or for the digitally enabled crowd, catch up on your email or your websurfing from your phone. In some areas, you may be surprised… with 10-20% of registered voters having voted early, lines may not be as bad as you expect! (I drove past my polling place this morning… there were maybe a dozen cars there. Apparently I could have voted faster this morning, way out in the country, than the time it took on Saturday… but that’s okay… I’m just happy that it’s done!)

No transportation? Call a friend… ride with a neighbor… take a cab or a bus.

Just go. Please? It’s important