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Oops! And we’re back…

So… one of the hazards of having my email on a different server from my web pages is that I don’t always notice if “my domain” is down, ’cause my email is still working.

A week ago, my domain got moved to a different server. The host did all the work, and the move went flawlessly for all my other domains (which were using the host’s DNS). This domain, however, was using third-party DNS so that I could also have a backup mail server, and someoneWhoShallRemainNameless forgot to forward the notice that we were moving servers.


It took a week before one of my friends pointed out, via Twitter DM, that this site was offline (thanks, Nancy!). Found/fixed the DNS problem and life is good again. Upgraded WordPress while I was at it, since there was a security patch.

Maybe if I posted more often, people would notice when this place disappeared. I should do something about that, eh?

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