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Nick, Debbie and Pete

perfect weight (for the dogs…)

Tuesday was annual check-up day for Drummer and Thunder, so I bundled them both into the Trooper and we headed off to Caring Hands to see Dr. Roach. I’ve been considering changing vets and finding one closer to the new house, but I really like Dr. Roach, so we made the trek.

Thunder’s been fighting an ear infection, but he’s in perfect health other than that. When I got him, he was fat and had skin problems. Now his skin and coat look great, and he’s lost 20 pounds (down 30 from his high weight according to his records from his previous vet). At 64 pounds, he’s a little on the ribby side, but Dr. Roach said he’s perfect and she loved his muscle tone. He got his three-year rabies shot and had blood drawn for titers, and I’ve got antibiotics and an ointment for his ears.

Drummer weighed in at 34 pounds and Dr. Roach thought he looked fabulous too. Yay for playing frisbee in the hilly backyard… it’s apparently kept both boys in really good shape. 🙂 The techs had trouble finding a vein, so poor Drummy was more than a little stressed by the time they finally got his blood draw done. He’s got another year on his rabies shot, so he didn’t have to have any shots, at least.

Both boys were really good in the exam room. I wasn’t sure how it would go, having both of them in there together with nothing to do other than play with each other (and me), but they managed not to totally bounce off the walls. They were remarkably calm after the blood draws… I think the subtext there was “If we’re really really good, will you keep the vampire ladies away from us??”


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