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New foster dog…

Short update until I have time to post more. I have a new foster dog (who currently needs a name). He’s an English Setter, very sweet, picked up as a stray in New Castle, IN, a few weeks ago. I picked him up from the shelter yesterday and ran him by Caring Hands for bloodwork to (a) check his heartworm status and (b) pull pre-op bloodwork in hopes that heartworm would be negative and I could schedule him to be neutered ASAP.

Unfortunately, my vet called me this morning to let me know the heartworm test was positive, so I guess he’ll be with me for awhile while he goes through treatment. 🙁

More when I know it. Working with my vet and the rescue to formulate the plan for going forward.

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One Response to “New foster dog…”

  1. February 19th, 2011 at 12:53 pm

    Li says:

    I suppose you could call him Bugsy…