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Toller Backyard Classic Results — Friday field tests

Unofficial BYC results (I think I got ’em right, but I’m just a spectator! :-))

Backyard Classic Working Certificate Excellent had three qualifiers out of five entries:

London — Shamrock’s London MH WCX, handled by Jason Cyr
Kilo — CH Springvale’s A Ton of Fun MH, handled by Kelly Barry
Cash — CH Keepsake’s Not Left to Chance JH WCX, handled by Kelly or Rusty Lannin (sorry, I don’t remember which!)

WCI had nine qualifiers out of 13 dogs who ran:

Vermililion’s Z Ties One on W Lakota — handled by Paul Kartes
Seven — Redwyn’s Pleiades Bright Star, handled by Bev Keith
Jarvi — Urania’s Heart of Gold Jarvi, handled by Corinne Williams
Striker — Redwyn’s All Fired Up, handled by Bev Keith
Cruz — Lakota’s Southern Cross, handled by Paul Kartes
Vermilion’s XSP Red Dog Juneau, handled by Kevin Pozzi
Hollis — Rock Ridge’s Chilkoot Hollis WC, handled by Tony Grabski
Scandal — Redwyn’s Talk of the Town, handled by Sue Miller
Grizzly — Hunts Points Grizzly Rock, handled by Ben Mott

WC had eight qualifiers out of 18 entries:

Seven — Springvale’s Riding Shotgun, handled by Sue Dorscheid
Avery — CH Beinnbhreagh’s Beautiful Disaster, handled by Kelly Schur
Angelina — Shamrock’s Evangeline, handled by Jean Gilroy
Trinidad — Seastar’s Island Dream 4 Duckpin NAJ NA RE BN, handled by Amanda Kaiser
Candra — Vermilion’s Celestial Candra, handled by Mark or Lisa Blau or Paul Kartes
Shaun — Urania’s Double McTwist to Gold, handled by Corinne Williams
Libby — CH Vermilion’s Shower of Shamrocks, handled by Jean Gilroy
Vermilion’s Absolute Brilliance, handled by Kathy Koebensky-Como

BRT had two qualifiers (5-mo-old littermates) out of nine entries:

Cheers — Vermilion’s Ring in the New of TNT, handled by Kathy Koebensky-Como
Zoe — Vermilion’s Zorochat Chasama of TNT, handled by Kathy Koebensky-Como

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