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Toller Backyard Classic Results — Best Wet Dog Contest

Backyard Classic Inaugural Wet Dog Contest was a big hit with the spectators! Dogs were entertainingly frustrated by being able to see their compatriots playing in the lake while they were in the ring. It was a very vocal group! 🙂

Full (unofficial!) results are as follows:

Dogs, 0 to 6 Months
1st — Bruiser — Left Field Bleacher Bum Beekauz
2nd — Jinx — Curse of the Goat Beekauz

Dogs, 6 Months to Under 2 Years
1st — Chief — Rebel Yell Beekauz
2nd — Danger — Vermilion’s Critical Level WC RA BN

Dogs, 2 Years to 7 Years (tough class with 11 entries!)
1st — Ryno — GCH Javahill Vermilion Sky Beekauz
2nd — William — CH Shamrock’s Braveheart
3rd — Chester — Springvale Chester Bruce Almighty
4th — London — Shamrock’s London MH WCX

Dogs, 7 Years Plus
1st — Striker — Redwyn’s All Fired Up

Bitches, 0 to 6 Months
1st — Cheers — Vermilion’s Ring in the New of TNT
2nd — Cara — JBS Splash of Ivy Beekauz
3rd — Hope — Wait Til Next Year Beekauz

Bitches, 6 Months to Under 2 Years
1st — Tazer — GB’s Red Hot Electric Shock
2nd — Kata — Lakota’s On Fire
3rd — Jade — Roaneden’s CDN Gem O’Fourwinds

Bitches, 2 Years to Under 7 Years
1st — Avery — CH Beinnbhreaghs Beautiful Disaster
2nd — Angelina — Shamrock’s Evangeline
3rd — Ali — Keepsake’s Brave Trip
4th — Trinidad — Seastar’s Island Dream 4 Duckpin NAJ NA RE BN

Bitches, 7 Years Plus
1st — Splash — Springvale Mt. Moriah Whitecap
2nd — Daphanie — Penny Slots from Nova’s Power
3rd — Ginger — CH Vermilion’s High Roller WCI CD RN

Cheers — Vermilion’s Ring in the New of TNT

Ryno — GCH Javahill Vermilion Sky Beekauz

Thanks to Sue Dorscheid for marking my book for me and Kristina Curren for checking my work once I got it all typed out. 🙂

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