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Gear up, team! It’s time for Chicago!!

Gear up, team! It’s time for Chicago!!

This is the “parent” op that I hung my Indy “Giftwrap” op beneath.

This is the “parent” op that I hung my Indy “Giftwrap” op beneath. I’ve watched Jarome fly so many fields over the last year, and I’ve asked a million questions and he’s patiently answered them all. I had a blast working with him on this… both during the planning and lead-up to Sandra and the rather hasty run-up to Giftwrap after he said “There’s this lane somebody should take advantage of…” and I kinda became the “somebody” when nobody else volunteered.

He’ll probably try not to admit it, but he’s a good teacher. Thanks, Jarome!

OP: Giftwrap

OP: Giftwrap


*This is the Sit-Rep for the South field of the combined Indiana operations. Jokingly called..

“Operation Windex”

It’s been awhile since IndyRES BAFfed Indy. But then Jarome Allen  was planning this op to our north and he said “Someone should do something with this lane north of Indy I’m going to open up.”

That sounded like a good idea, but I don’t op and surely somebody else would take it and run with it, right?


Then I looked at my calendar and realized that Jarome’s date for Sandra happened to be on Christylee Vickers  birthday. Ooooh… ChristyLee doesn’t have onyx Illuminator, does she? And last year… well, let me let Christylee tell you about last year…

Call it my Birthday but in the last year it has become more than just a day to mark the day I was born. It is also the day I almost died, and fought the hardest battle of my life. To live.

A year prior I was in the deepest darkest Depression of my Entire Life. And the day after my birthday, I self-admitted myself into the hospital, because I needed help. Or I would die. This is where my Ingress Family stepped in. Not only did I get a card, while I was inpatient. They would stay checking in on me, coming to my home to just sit with me, or answer the phone. They helped me and my family by being the support and safety net I needed to work on getting out of the darkness.

So we had a lane, a date, and a reason.. the motivation we needed to kick us into gear and actually Do This Thing! A quick conversation with Amos Vickers  ensued and Operation Giftwrap was born, ’cause an op is way more fun than a birthday party, right?

And here’s what happens when you take someone who’s never run a big op before (that would be me) and you plan an Indy cover… See, I didn’t know all the reasons to avoid certain areas… this big frog lives here, and those problem areas are there, and who in their right mind covers Indy at 5 o’clock in the afternoon on a Saturday anyway? So Jarome sketched out a triangle using part of our existing southern lane of Sandra, and I played with it some, and moved the southern point ’cause there was this tasty row of portals in Seymour, and next thing we knew… it looked like a plan. 19 layers, with an anchor reasonably close to Christylee and Amos and one close to the west anchor of Sandra. And yeah, there were a bunch of areas that people who Knew More About Indy Covers looked at and went “Really???” but for some reason they humored me…

Keys were procured. Whoa. So many keys. So many nerves. Suddenly it was op week and holy crap, I really have to do this thing, don’t I? But, ummmmm, I don’t op, people! Okay, I think this means I need an IO, ’cause I’m sooooo not running an Indy cover by myself. Note that I was still denying that I was running an op at all. Nope. Not gonna happen. I’m just herding cats. (Denial… not just a river in Egypt…) With the IO question answered, but knowing that [redacted] was very busy with work until op day, I settled in to finish wrangling the details. And there were a lot of details. Targets to mark. Zones to assign. People to position… the list goes on.

I could bore you with a lot of details here, but instead I’ll give you a few memorable moments from the day…

About 2 p.m., finally admitting to myself, after a week of denial, that yes, I am in fact about to run an Indy cover.

4 p.m., discovering we had an agent stuck in traffic 50 minutes from his target. Moments later, having a pair of agents volunteer to split up and one be on his way to cover the vacated target. Problem solved.

Shortly after 4:40, getting ready to spin up Giftwrap after Sandra had started, and hearing the words that BlackOliveLover was at Sandra’s anchor. My heart sank… but I couldn’t listen… or watch… and I had to drop out of the Zello channel for Sandra and focus on getting Giftwrap moving.

16:52 created a Control Field @ Welcome to Portland Mural +1147110 MUs

Eep! Everybody said we’d go 800k or 900k per layer. But we caught Muncie in addition to Indy. Guess that bumped it a little. Stopped to catch my breath and clear my throat before I could call the next throw.

5:03 The excitement I felt when I saw the first Sandra layer go up to our north. Still didn’t have time to listen in on their Zello, but was so glad they’d resolved their frog problem and gotten the op up!

5:20: A Frog Arrives in Crawfordsville… We were waiting out the Jarvis timer to drop the first set of fields and rethrow for badges when Katherine Getts – WinterrRose radioed that Strifu had arrived and was tearing everything down. “I’m sending JJ after him!” By this time the ENL giga field was up out west and intel had slowed to a crawl. My map wouldn’t refresh and I had no idea what was going on. Kat took charge like a rock star, threw small children at the “enemy,” rebuilt the portal, rethrew the base, and got the Fezzes and Roars their onyx Illuminators before we were shut down for good. Best Ammo Ever. We were confused, though… it was after checkpoint and we didn’t expect such a fight over just throwing for badges. Didn’t realize ’til shortly after that it was because our combined ops were in the way of an ENL gigafield and that was why he was so determined that Giftwrap had to come down and stay down! Watching both field teams shift into defense mode was awe-inspiring!

I love my team. I had no idea if I could pull this off. Would people come out for a rookie op-runner? Jarome kept telling me I could do it. Jay D  just kept pulling more people out of thin air like a magician pulling rabbits out of a hat. Everybody allowed me my delusion that I wasn’t really running an Indy cover. And all these amazing people came out to sit around in cars on a Saturday afternoon. Most of them had one thing to do. One Jarvis to throw. One portal to kill. A few just got sent to sit and wait… just in case. Everybody was awesome and I love them all.

When can we do it again?


Giftwrap (South):

Layers: 30 (16 on first throw, 14 on second throw)

MU per layer: 1.1m

Total MU thrown: 32.89m (18.143m in first throw, 14.748m in second)

Total MU to CP: 9.046m (8 layers)

Badges: 8 Onyx Illuminator

Sandra (North):

Number of Layers: 11

MU Per Layer: 1.00 million

MU to CP: 0 (bummer)

Total MU thrown: 11.0 million

Onyx Badges: 2

Sandra Sitrep:

Op Video:

Supreme Overlord (Ops Sandra and Giftwrap):

Jarome Allen 

Anchor Teams:

Christylee Vickers  (our birthday girl!) – Onyx

Amos Vickers  – Onyx

Katherine Getts – WinterrRose  – Onyx

Spazzer  – Onyx

Jay D 

Elle C 



[also redacted]

Dana Armstrong

Diana Ayers

Neil Ayres 

Chris Blackwell

Tina Blackwell

Elle C 


Zac Coghill 

Mary Coghill 

Maggie Coyne 

Geoff Estes 

Barry Faust 

Peter Hanshew 

Cody Harbaugh 

Ryan Kennedy 

Kevan Knox 

Joe Krupa 

Brandy Neice 

Michael Norton 

Shadow Phox 

Laurie Rohrer  – Onyx

Michael Rohrer  – Onyx

Annie Schuster

Eric Shriner  – Onyx

Melissa Shriner  – Onyx

Jen Schmetzer 

Emily Steele

Bradley Stone – Sumo911 

If I’ve missed anyone, I’m so so sorry. I deeply appreciate everyone who helped, and the one hazard of trying to list people is the fear that a name will get lost in the shuffle. I truly hope that hasn’t happened here!

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#LuxAdventure #Ingress

#LuxAdventure #Ingress

Guess it’s time to go exploring…

How I spent my Sunday.

How I spent my Sunday… So.Much.Fun! We had the best clearing and intel teams ever. Amazingly smooth op, and sooooooo very blue. 😀

Originally shared by King R3D


Introduction: Hi my name is Adam Noschang and this is my first MEGA FIELD story.

I bring it to you unabridged, adulterated or edited, the truth and nothing but the truth.

Please for those weak of heart or stomach please close your browser at this time and join enlightened this is not for you.

I was sitting at one of my favorite establishments, Big Daddy’s Sport Bar having my usual bacon cheese burger. I am telling you he has the best bacon in the world on his burgers. So I am watching intel while eating and watching Omfgacat blocking some lame attempt of enl trying to baff Dayton, OH when Big Daddy walks by.

Big I just gotta know where do you get this bacon. Adam you been coming here for years so I guess I can share it with you. He scribbled the address down on a slip of paper and slipped it to me like it was the recipe for Wendy’s special sauce. I stealthily slid it from the table and into my pocket giving Big a nod and a wink.

After dinner and a few beers I jumped in my car eager to go, I needed to know where this illustrious bacon hailed from. To my surprise it was only a short trip down the road.

Scanner open as always looking for any unique portals I could find what do I see, not just a sign to the slaughter house but to my amazement my bacon was a portal. That is when it hit me like a ultra-strike on a cheap shield, I must do a field for bacon not just any field, bacon deserves a mega field.

But where would I draw this field from my bacon to.

I was rushed I realized that I had wasted too much time at bacon farming keys, Man the women is gonna be pissed I am late for the boys Lacrosse game. I pulled out my GPS Phase Shifter and instantly teleported to the game. Yes got that look women was not happy. Yes dear was out playing the finger screen touching game again, yes dear I know. Only thing that saved me was the boy’s team won. Bingo there was my way out of the dog house explained to the little lady my plan in tribute for bacon and said I will find a portal called Lacrosse and it will be in honor of our sons victory. Yea I know I’m smooth like that.

Now what do I do I have promised soul myself to bacon and my ass to the women and boy. Yea I’m not real smooth that way. EH check the comms see what’s up I’ll come up with something. Well there is Whyjake on looks like he is in his typical troubles out there in Waverly and Portsmouth really should do more to help him out over there. Wait a minute didn’t I hear his lady Imajunebug was coming in this weekend to visit, and there’s got to be at least a few portals in Portsmouth we could use.

Eureka!!!! There was the plan BACON to Lacrosse to Portsmouth.

It was time; I picked up the BLUE CREW phone (yea sorry I know enl does not have one) and threw it out to our people. The excitement rocked the place, all that was left to do was connect with the right people (you know bacon lovers) move some keys and get it done. Not too difficult of a task with a little help of my friends.

The rest is history.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. If you wanted better details shoulda been part of it.

Please enjoy the music and video as you leave, and remember to leave your trays in the upright position.

But in all seriousness: Everyone met me with open arms and the connections we made not only proved fruitful but started what I hope to be future friendships. What started as a simple grouping of draw tools turned into something priceless for many of us. And I was able to watch our BLUE CREW grow in size and character by what everyone brought to the party. For that I thank you all.

I would like to personally put a shout out to all who were involved and proved what I already knew.


Maggie,Rick,William and Jim most excellent work pulling this together.

In no order of importance I give you our crew;

Jb211,Omfgacat,waldo9938,Jinserai,titaniumdna,IIlllIIIll,lllIIIIll,(yes I know we can’t tell them apart either),winonorth,killjoy726,Antebi,cirdne,joeybishup,Ochsy,EvilleGatto,AlohaAngel,cookie5,mikearvi, Journier,Sc00terP,Huddleston,ManyFacedGod,FiddyFiddyFiddy,DarthPstone,bigmaggie,Neowise (King of the South), DaPapaJuice,McKevitt,Whyjake,ThaSmurfTollerMom,Dwhip25,BassMaster1963,GenBelisarius,Schave, effingmichael,GreyiLayne,AmericanSoil,coachsoccer5,Tiredangel,Zwergin,Swansong75,GutterLundgren, JZ78,dirething,CupcakeBandito,mtgplayer247,CeceliaAngelica,Catastrophi,LtRyker,Katablue.Lrindl, ponderingfox,Zocor,qweyilo,DarthR3van1,subzero2000,Psycocyber,Mystickittie,Druesyllia, SteveTheGhost,agent1484,Aboss14,Pasquatch,rockgrinder1 ,Snibble,skategod,profplum88,Virtualizor, IamNickMan,Superluminsity,Kruptos,NowYouSeeMe78,BCFirestar,Sofakat,ambert66,megasteele, imajunebug,MommaBunny77, LtRyker

If we missed spelled any agent names we are truly sorry.(except for the bar codes they got it coming)

To all we might have missed and to all who chose to stay in the shadows we appreciate your involvement as well.

Now go out and make Triangles.

Thank you all


All kidding aside, we’ve put together a video going over the actual Op omitting only a few details … Enjoy

#RESWUEisAwesome #Ingress #BlueCrew

I don’t normally post about politics, but couldn’t resist this one ad. :-D  Go Blue!!

I don’t normally post about politics, but couldn’t resist this one ad. 😀  Go Blue!!